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This page contains information on trash and recycling in Bloomsbury Borough. It also includes information on recycling such items as electronics, plastic grocery bags, asbestos, furniture, clothing and more.

Click here to download the garbage and recylcing guidelines.

Recycling Coordinator: Steven Douglas - 908-337-1556


Garbage collection occurs every Thursday unless otherwise posted.

Garbage must be curbside by 7:00am for pickup. 

Solid Waste will be limited to two (2) 32 gallon containers per residential unit per week.

Stickers that allow you to set out more than the alloted 32 gallons of trash per week can be purchased directly from Premier for $4. A sticker will be good for one (1) additional 32 gallon can (or equivalent bag).

Recyclables will be picked up on Fridays, every other week, beginning June 17th.

You Must Recycle:

·        Aluminum Cans
·        Glass Bottles and Jars
·        Plastic Bottles
·        Tin and Bi-Metal Cans
·        Newspaper
·        Cardboard
·        Chipboard
·        Brown Bags
·        Junk Mail
·        Office Paper

Glass, plastic and aluminium cans CAN be co-mingled.

See Recycling Resources below for recycling alternatives that may apply to items you might typically throw away.

Trash & Recycling Company
Premier Disposal
2026 Rt. 31 , Suite 2
Glen Gardner, NJ 08826



Asbestos Disposal      

(800) 778.9797 (ask for Mike)

(215) 428.3214 (ask for Kim)         


Bicycle Recycling                        

Pedals for Progress: (908) 638.4811


Hunterdon NJ Freecycle


Mulch and Wood Recycling         

West Jersey Mulch: (908) 783.4004


Propane Tank Disposal               

Amerigas: (877) 474.5542              


Propane Tank Exchange         

Amerigas (877) 474.5542

Home Depot: (908) 213.0403

WalMart: (908) 730.8665                


Recycling Center                                    

Hunterdon Country Transfer Station: (908) 236.9088                                                                         


Plastic Grocery Bags

Shoprite of Greenwich


Used Clothing 

Hunterdon NJ Freecycle

Lord's Closet: (908) 534.1777

Salvation Army: (800) 449.9538     


Composting Bins                        

Rainbow Industries (800) 842.0527 or (201) 575.838                                                                          


Computer Recycling    

Best Buy: (908) 859-7659, Phillipsburg, NJ - FREE RECYCLING                                                       

Newtech Recycling: (732) 469.9774

Staples Stores: (908) 454.7855 Phillipsburg, NJ

Central Jersey Recycling: (732) 985.7086

Freon Recycling                          

Service Unlimited: (908) 236.6157  


Freon Appliance Recycling       

Warren County Landfill: (908) 475.8918

Mercer Wrecking & Recycling: (609) 393.6775 or (609) 393.6825                                                       


Furniture Recycling

Hunterdon NJ Freecycle


Habitat for Humanity (908) 835.1338


Central Jersey Recycling: (732) 985.7086


Refridgerator & Freezer Recycling

Borough Hall - 91 Brunswick Ave, Bloomsbury, NJ 08804
Phone: (908) 479.4200 - Fax: (908) 479.1418
Borough Hall Office Hours: Monday - Thursday: 8:30am - 3:00pm and Monday: 6:30pm - 8:00pm