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Most Requested Email Contacts

Mayor - Martha Tersigni*: mayor@bloomsburynewjersey.com

Clerk Lisa Burd Reindel : clerk@bloomsburynewjersey.com

See the Contact Information page for more contact information.

Please Note: We still have intermittent difficulties forwarding emails from our website email to Mayor Tersigni.

PLEASE ALLOW 5 BUSINESS DAYS for a response from the Mayor, then contact Borough Hall if you do not get one. Also consider CCing Lisa Burd Reindel on your email since there has been no trouble getting email to her.

Hunterdon County

(Note that several dates below are 2015 dates.  These will be updated with 2016 dates when we get information from county offices.)

HUNTERDON COUNTY SOLID WASTE AND RECYLCING SERVICES - 9am to 1pm (Rain or Shine), at the Hunterdon County Complex, 314 State Route 12 East, Flemington, NJ 08822.
The Next Hazardous Waste Clean-up Day is Tentatively Scheduled for March 12, 2016.
see:  http://www.co.hunterdon.nj.us/recycling/cleanup.html

SPECIAL COLLECTION DAY FOR ELECTRONICS - April 11th and October 10th from 9:00am to 1:00pm (Rain or Shine) at the Route 12 County Complex, Flemington, NJ

SPECIAL COMMUNITY PAPER SHREDDING DAY - Saturday, April 25 and October 24, 2015
(Rain or Shine), 9:00am to 1:00pm at Route 12 County Complex, Flemington, NJ

Our website provides you with important contact information, forms, event listings, links and other information you can use daily.  Check back often and sign up for email alerts from the Borough.

Bloomsbury  is located on the south side of the Musconetcong River in the northwest corner of Hunterdon County.  The name is derived from the Bloom family, who were influential in the early history of the town.  It was once part of Bethlehem Township, but was incorporated as a separate borough in 1905.

The Borough was originally known as "Johnson's Iron Works," named after the charcoal work of Robert Johnson on the north bank of the river.  In colonial days, ore from the Musconetcong Mountain was carried down to the river and made into "blooms," masses of wrought iron from the forge.  This is another theory of how the Borough received its name.

Bloomsbury is the third smallest municipality in Hunterdon County.  While the 20th century saw some expansion of Bloomsbury's residential area, the general character of Bloomsbury as a quiet, tree-lined, small town still remains today.  We are proud of our community and hope you enjoy your visit. 

Additional Local Events

Following are links to Event pages for local groups. When appropriate, information may also be provided.

Hunterdon County Tricentennial Events

Musconetcong Watershed Association

Bloomsbury Elementary School

Hunterdon Senior Services

Clinton Township Senior's Club

Hunterdon County Parks System

Welcome to Bloomsbury's Website!

Winter Snow Removal
After Council’s review of the Borough’s snow removal practices, a decision was made that non-essential alleys that are difficult to navigate either by reason of their configuration or man-made obstructions will be cleared when man power and conditions permit. As a result, if plow drivers of the Borough’s DPW determine in their sole discretion that accessing or attempting to plow any of these alleyways is dangerous and could result in either damage to a borough vehicle or to an adjoining residence, snow will not be removed from those alleys until conditions permit safe passage for DPW vehicles.  This is in accordance with New Jersey Statutory Regulations which only require removal of snow and/or ice from main thoroughfares within the Borough.

Alternate parking is available at Tuxhorn Park, 100 Church Street and the lot on Gardner Street between Main and North Streets.  Parking is at your own risk.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

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Upcoming Bloomsbury Events

All Cats and Dogs must be licensed by January 31, 2016 in order to avoid late fees.
(See Highlights below for link to license application form.)

Upcoming free Rabies clinics - all NJ residents are welcome to attend.


Milford Borough
30 Water Street
Milford, NJ 08848

8:00am to 9:00am



Readington Township Recycling Garage
287 Mountain Rd.
Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889

10:00am to 12:00pm


Think Spring!

We are half-way through Winter and on our way to Spring!

April 1-11, 2016 - Spring Brush Clean Up

Get up before dawn to check out the alignment of 5 planets, now through late February:  http://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/20/science/space/five-planets-align-mars-jupiter-mercury-saturn-venus.html